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Are you ready to take control of your life? Success isn’t just an experience reserved for the lucky few – it’s something that can be cultivated in everything you do. Reboot and Release is a strategy for wellness management and personal development that centres around cognitive processing. We’ll teach you how your thinking can transform your actions, your outcomes, and your life.

Proven Success

The Reboot and Release strategy is a solution based on years of careful testing and analysis. We work diligently with every client, to provide the support and guidance you need for your unique transformation process. Our personal development services not only work for those aspiring to new individual heights, but also businesses in search of organisational growth.

Company Development

As health and wellness grow to be more dominant concerns within the professional world, careful cognition can have a significant role to play in the productivity and performance of workers. Reboot and Release delivers brand-new approaches for efficiency into your business, so you can create the corporate culture your employees crave with our workshops, courses and seminars.

Personal Growth

Discover your strength and accelerate the path towards personal transformation. Reboot and Release offers bespoke personal development services to those who are sick of putting their goals on hold. With our case-study-proven methods, you’re sure to find the tools you need to become the very best version of yourself – happier, healthier, and more successful than ever.

Reboot and Release is your proven solution to personal transformation.
We help you to unearth your hidden potential, discover new ways of thinking,
and embrace the person you were meant to be…

Our Mission

Reboot and Release

Bespoke Personal Development Services for Individuals and Organisations.

The minds behind Reboot and Release, Martin Prue, and Ros Johnson, are experts in the field of lifestyle transformation. As thought-leaders and industry innovators, Ros and Martin have made it their mission to distribute their proven formula to the world, working with private, public, and third-sector groups throughout the country.

With principles based in psychological study, the Reboot and Release team use an educational approach to develop relaxed, focused sessions that help their clients to overcome the hurdles that might be blocking their path to success. Martin and Ros will work with you every step of the way, to help you write your very own success story.


Successful Stories

Since doing Reboot and Release I feel I can try more things and I can talk myself round to a better way of thinking. Also I am going to do things I used to try and get out of, and I feel more positive

Before coming onto Reboot and Release I was finding life very difficult as I am at a ‘crossroads’ in my life.

Simone Williams

I have learned a lot about how the mind works, psychology, and about myself. I have benefited from taking time out to think and focus on improving myself.

I feel I have been given tools and techniques to affect positive change in my life and to take steps towards achieving my goals and aspirations.

Catherine Brown

Before coming onto Reboot and Release I felt down quite a lot, viewed my life from a negative aspect and feared I would not get to where I wanted in life.

Having completed Reboot and Release I feel more happy and optimistic, I dwell much less on the negative aspects of my life and think about how I can turn them around.

Neil Gibson

Before coming onto Reboot and Release I became panicked and anxious when reliving past events (mainly about the death of my father). I woke at night with bad thoughts about past events and during the day could almost have a panic attack.

Since doing Reboot and Release I am feeling that I have some tools ie self talk and affirmations. I will definitely put into practice what I have been taught, a very interesting and useful course.

Judy Murray

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Experts in bespoke personal development services,
Martin Prue and Ros Johnson have 30 years of experience coaching teams and
individuals throughout a range of sectors. The course has been developed using concepts and
principles developed by: Martin Seligman, Carol Dweck & Albert Bandura
December 2021
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