Personal Development Coaching

Ros Johnson and Martin Prue provide personal development coaching for individuals and businesses looking to excel in their careers and lives. To comprehend what a personal development coach does, you should first understand what personal development implies.

Personal development is a way towards prosperity through self-improvement systems.

Basically, it is having the capacity to make the most of your life by enhancing yourself and conditions. It can be transforming yourself in one aspect or an entire update of your life. For some individuals, self-improvement is a consistent process.

By enhancing ourselves, we drastically change our results and openings. Yet, for some wishing to transform, they do not have the learning or devices to do as such. This explains the requirement for a personal development coach.

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Achieve Your Goals

We have provided personal development coaching workshops for a variety of clients, including Jaguar & Land Rover. A typical workshop consists of four different sessions:


Session 1 – Identity and Reality

Recent studies have shown that it is possible to develop and use our brains more that we have ever done before. This can even result in physical growth of the brain!

However, if we accept beliefs about ourselves that are negative or limiting, then it affects what we see and hear and limits our growth and development. Like wearing blinkers, we focus on our limitations and cannot see the options and opportunities that exist. We become accepting of a limiting reality.


Session 2 – Conscious and Subconscious thought Processes

If we want to grow and change, then we need to examine our beliefs and change them if they are holding us back. Our beliefs may be either true or partially true or completely false.

The aim is to make work life easier not by simplifying the tasks but making our internal self image in line with the values and beliefs of our organisation. This makes ‘trying hard’ when you feel terrible unnecessary because this is how you become as a person, these are qualities which help us in everyday life and make work more joyful and pleasurable.



Session 3 – Comfort Zones

This is where we have a strong tendency to stay with the predictable and familiar, whether it is good for us or not. It often seems that people prefer Comfort, however awful, to moving to the unknown. We can see this where we or others stay in jobs they hate, in relationships which are destructive, and so on, because when we think about straying from the familiar, it cause tension and anxiety within us that causes us to get back to the “safety” of the familiar.



Session 4 – Set new goals and see how easy it is to
realise your goals

3D Thinking

We think in 3 dimensions
Words, which trigger Pictures, that bring with them Emotion

So our language is very important in terms of how we describe possibilities and options, because if we put fear, dread, belittling or incompetence into our anticipation of these events, we can scare ourselves off and stay stuck in the predictable and familiar.

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Personal Development Coaching

With our free taster-sessions, we’ll introduce you to the system that Martin Prue and Ros Johnson created to completely remodel the success coaching industry. Sessions include:

• Lessons based on positive psychology
• Applying strategies to work and life
• Practical goal setting practices

With more than 35 years spent helping people to accomplish real, tangible success in their personal and professional lives, the Reboot and Release system can help you to discover your true potential.

Some of the people we base our work on

Learned Optimism – Martin Seligman
Flourish – Martin Seligman
Mindset (The New Psychology of Success) – Carol S Dweck
The art of possibility – Rosamund Stone Zander & Benjamin Zander


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