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Our most recent customers say

What our recent customers say about us

Before I did Reboot and Release, I was very negative and struggling to find any joy for the future. consequently as I thought about starting the course, I was worried I wouldn’t understand some of the material. Also I was concerned that I would find the jargon and the concepts difficult to accept.
Now I have completed Reboot and Release, I have fully understood the materials. As a consequence I have been able to accept and develop with the new knowledge I have gained. My positivity has increased and I practice the techniques every day. Hence I am finding I am happy and able to see a positive future. This is still very much a work in progress, but I am relaxed and positive as a result.
I would rate Reboot and Release 10/10 both for tuition and content. Excellent course and tutors, I highly recommend it.

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Before I did Reboot and Release, I was questioning my current situation and was concerned about the future. I was nervous about meeting new people and talking about (potentially) personal issues with strangers.
Regarding the course, I have taken each week’s topics and learning and applied it to my daily life. I’m more naturally able to implement the learning and I feel confident that I will continue to benefit from the learning. I feel more positive, I have reduced my negative self talk and I now have a toolkit to take forward with me.
I would rate the course 10/10. Thanks!

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