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3 Mistakes Most People Make when setting goals

3 Mistakes Most People Make when Setting Goals

We often know when setting goals, what it is we want, we also know what it is we need to do to get it or do it. Somehow though, we end up not doing it! We do this through something called ‘Push Back’. It’s a natural instinctive reaction to ‘push back’ when we are pushed, we all do it.

If someone tells us to do something we often don’t want to – so we ‘push back’. We are not usually conscious of this response, we do it subconsciously. Sometimes we even tell ourselves that we need/must/ought to do something and we still ‘push back’. There are three main versions of ‘push back’ and we all do at least one of these, especially when we are setting goals.

Push back –  version 1 – Procrastination 

This is about ‘overthinking’. Turning it over and over in your mind, maybe weighing up all the pros and cons, talking to lots of other people, and in the end the result is …….nothing! We spend so long thinking about setting goals that we end up not doing anything.

Push back –  version 2 – Creative Avoidance

I’m really good at this one! Something else suddenly becomes much more important and urgent in your mind. It could even be the very thing that you dislike doing most, but at that very moment it seems far more preferable than the very thing you know you should do next. Result – nothing, you don’t do the thing you really want to.

Push back –  version 3- Working to the minimum standard

Finally, ‘just get it done’ you think to yourself, sloppy, half hearted, anything to get it out the way and get the person who is nagging off your back. Result – disappointing for everybody. Remember this is not something you think about consciously, this happens at the subconscious level, watch out and you will spot it.

So, let’s suppose that we have decided we want to lose weight and be healthier. We spend time setting goals then tell ourselves we must eat healthily, we ought to exercise, we should do this every day and we mustn’t eat chocolate!
Once we tell ourselves that we need/must/ought to do something we immediately start ‘pushing back’.

This might involve doing the minimum amount of exercise (just enough to convince your personal trainer or yourself that you are working hard!) It also might involve eating healthily some of the time then telling yourself a few treats are fine, or you might just keep putting it off and thinking well I’ve got that wedding coming up or that work do, I’ll start after that. Or maybe even that something else is more important right now like working lots of overtime to pay off a loan! Push back versions 1, 2, and 3!

So what’s the answer?
First of all, recognise that this is what is happening and own it. Regain the control. Think about what YOU want.

Do you really want to lose weight, be healthier or lose the love handles? If you really do, then embrace the idea like it is your best friend. Love it. Ditch the ‘I must, should or ought to do it’. Embrace the ‘I love to do this because I am so excited about the outcome! I want to be fit and healthy, I enjoy my new healthy diet and as a result I have so much more energy!’

So, embrace it, like it, love it, enjoy it, and the results will astound you! And it will seem completely normal because you are making the change at the subconscious level, that’s what we teach at Reboot and Release. Why not find out more from us? Then do the things you really want to – no problem. Give us a call now, 07723 055736 or email to book your free consultation or your place at a taster session. More about setting goals

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